Cliff Wilding, Director

Cliff is a UX consultant with six years experience in web site design and twelve years background in user interface design, backed by an honours degree in HCI and Computer Science from The University of Melbourne.

His expertise includes in-house applications, customer service, self service, Intranets and mass market web sites and mobile apps. He creates rapid online working prototypes, tests them with users, and documents the final design in comprehensive schematics and wireframes.

Before setting up Look and Feel Australia, Cliff helped establish Platinion, an e-commerce design and development company for The Boston Consulting Group. He was also Executive Producer for the early stages of, and was a Senior Consultant for The Hiser Group for five years. His interaction design for helped it win the AFR Australian Internet Award for Best eCommerce Site in 2000.

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"From a usability perspective, this site was the hands-down winner. Navigation is straightforward. The site structure is simple and there is always a clear indication of the current location. The purchasing process is clear and secure. ... Visually, is clean and uncluttered, while still managing to fit large amounts of information on to the screen."

Domain, The Age, 15 March 2000