About Us

Look and Feel Australia was established in 2001 by Cliff Wilding in Sydney, Australia.

We help organisations put the customer at the centre of information technology, by providing expertise in user-centred design, usability, marketing and strategy. Our technical background enables us to work closely with IT and developers to ensure our user interface designs fit within the organisation's technical environment, processes and platforms. 

Fixed-Price Quotes

We provide up-front fixed-price quotations wherever possible, free of "consultant speak", sales hype or extra charges for paper clips, postage and phone calls.

We also offer retainer or time-and-materials arrangements for longer term clients, so you only pay for what you need.

Our Consultants

We are a small company employing only senior consultants with no salespeople or "B team". Clients enjoy direct access to consultants, with continuity of contact from initial discussions right through to implementation and presentation of results.

Our consultants are practical and flexible, and understand clients' time and budget constraints. We involve clients' staff in every step of the project, and include detailed skills and knowledge transfer whenever we can. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant, not on-sell more and more consulting work.

We apply the same standard of usability to our deliverables as we do our user interfaces. Our deliverables are readable, concise and practical, with no padding, jargon or boilerplate.


From our base in Melbourne, Australia, we provide services throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

Back in the lift...

Lift door controls are typical of many web sites - the icons depict a technological perspective on the task, rather than matching the user's goal – in this case, the making the door become either open or closed. 

The icons below depict the goal state, not the motor's action. Quickly, which one opens the doors? 

By designing with the user's goals in mind, web sites are much easier to use too!